A One Cent Headache


I’m sure many people don’t realize that our business is a small family-operated adventure.  Yes, it’s an adventure, as there is always something new, and often unexpected, waiting around every corner.  Since we started our business is 2009, our entire family has had many opportunities for growth as we’ve learned how to interact with different personalities, exercise

creative problem-solving skills and develop perseverance in the face of monotonous tasks.   I often joke that I’m saving up our stories for an auto-biography!  There are many interesting ones to tell.

One that comes to mind in particular, happened this summer at the Fort Smith Flea Market.  Our monthly market is different than our other shows, in that we allow all sorts of merchandise, not just vintage/antique.  One of our dealers there, a sweet country-woman in her 80s named Lisa, has been setting up with us from day one.  This past August, when a customer showed interest in a used handbag in her booth, Lisa picked up the item and realized that it was heavier than an empty purse should have been.  Without looking, she reached inside to empty the bag and absentmindedly retrieved a three-foot-long rat snake!  Lisa calmly exclaimed to onlookers, “Oh my, that’s a snake!” and immediately told everyone to remain calm and not create a scene.  She quickly dropped it back into the bag and a helpful shopper deposited our reptilian intruder to an outdoor location.

Our latest interloper came from the post office, in the form of a postal rate increase.  USPS notified us that, not only is there a recent one penny rise in the cost of sending a postcard, but stamps reflecting the new rate will not be available until February 8th.  This translates to applying an additional 8000 stamps to our postcard mailings for our Springfield and Tulsa customers this week and next!

We might have finally come to the place where I will discover the time to purchase a bulk mail permit for future shows.  But this time, when you receive your postcard in the mail, please remember the efforts of our kids and neighbors who came together to send you a helpful reminder that a show is coming up. And on the “bright” side, the extra stamp does feature a Tiffany lamp!

  1. Susan Summers

    February 6, 2014 at 8:45 pm

    I absolutely LOVE your antique events! I went to one in Springfield in October 2012 and had an absolute BLAST! I am a flea market fool… times TEN! I loved your event because so many treasures were there in 1 place. That alone made it so much easier for me as I have muscular dystrophy and rely on a powerdrive wheelchair to get me around. I would so love to go to your event being held in Springfield this weekend, but the weather is just too cold for me. : ( Will you ever be coming to Springfield in the warmer months? I’ve been looking for a calendar in hopes of finding a warmer weather event date. I can read that you’re a busy family, but I hope you’ll reply. Have fun this weekend in Springfield. Wish I could be there. Go vintage! : )

    Springfield, Missouri

  2. Heritage Event Co.

    February 6, 2014 at 8:56 pm

    Thanks for the compliments, Susan! So glad you enjoy the shows. It is always nice to hear the good stuff! :)
    We will be back in Springfield this fall, October 25 & 26 at the fairgrounds. We do have a few shows in other cities this summer as well. You can find a complete schedule of what we have on our main page at http://www.HeritageEventCompany.com


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