Gambling with Antiques in Bossier City, Louisiana

We are just back this weekend from our new antique show in Louisiana, the ARK-LA-TEX Antique Festival in Bossier City.  What a great time we had with all our friends in the Shreveport area and we are happy to report that the show was a success!  Yes, a new show can be a gamble, but it paid off big this time.  We sure appreciate our dealers who were willing to venture into a new market with us.  Many dealers reported good sales, with antique toys, advertising, cast iron and jewelry being some of the most sought-after items at the show.  It is always very satisfying to bring an event to a new area and be welcomed with compliments and appreciation for your efforts.  Attendees repeatedly stopped by the admissions counter on their way out to thank us for bringing an antique show to Bossier.  We will look forward to doing it again next year!

Bossier City has a lot of casinos in the area, so many of us were out on the town in the evenings.  I was lucky enough to come out a little ahead and decided to spend my winnings on this beautiful Turquoise necklace from one of our dealers at the show.

And, take a look who stopped by the antique show for a visit….  That’s me (Gail Kinney) with A&E’s Texas Storage Wars Auctioneer, Walt Cade, in Shreveport.  What a great guy!  We invited him up to Tulsa for the Vintage Tulsa Show on February 16, where he has agreed to sign autographs and take photos with our customers.  As they might say in Texas, y’all come on over and meet him in person!

  1. Leslie and Gina Allen

    January 24, 2014 at 3:10 am

    Great show in Bossier City looking forward to another great show on Tulsa just like last year. If you do not come out missing the best show in Tulsa


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