The Power of Positivity

Even though we are frequently surrounded by a sea of antiques, there is hardly anything in this business quite as valuable as praise received from our customers.  Perhaps you are familiar with the biblical proverb, “Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to bones.”   It certainly is true; positive words are… Full Story


A One Cent Headache

  I’m sure many people don’t realize that our business is a small family-operated adventure.  Yes, it’s an adventure, as there is always something new, and often unexpected, waiting around every corner.  Since we started our business is 2009, our entire family has had many opportunities for growth as we’ve learned how to interact with… Full Story


Gambling with Antiques in Bossier City, Louisiana

We are just back this weekend from our new antique show in Louisiana, the ARK-LA-TEX Antique Festival in Bossier City.  What a great time we had with all our friends in the Shreveport area and we are happy to report that the show was a success!  Yes, a new show can be a gamble, but… Full Story