The Power of Positivity

Even though we are frequently surrounded by a sea of antiques, there is hardly anything in this business quite as valuable as praise received from our customers.  Perhaps you are familiar with the biblical proverb, “Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to bones.”   It certainly is true; positive words are SO satisfying, and make all the hard work and effort that goes into these events feel very rewarding.

While we’ve had quite a few memorable experiences since starting this venture, one particular “positive” experience comes to mind occasionally, even though several years have passed since it occurred.  We started the Antique Festival of the Ozarks in Springfield, Missouri about four years ago; it was the second show we took on after establishing the Vintage Tulsa Show.  Being native Tulsans, the endeavor to spread out beyond our borders, into unfamiliar territory, was a big step for us.  I recall having to deal with much unsolicited advice prior to the show, which can be somewhat draining to a promoter’s mental state in the midst of various responsibilities we have leading up to, and during, the event.  We had a successful first event in Springfield, complete with a huge crowd of people waiting for us to open the doors on Saturday morning.  It was a profitable show for us.  But the real feeling of satisfaction came for me several days later,  when one of our customers called and left us a voicemail expressing how delighted she was with the event, how much she appreciated the effort that went into it, and that she hoped it was successful enough for us to return to the area.  Her sincere compliments WERE like a honeycomb to me! In fact, I kept that message on my voicemail for quite some time and would occasionally listen to it again whenever I had an encounter with a person on the opposite side of that spectrum.

Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to express the same sentiments.  Your enthusiasm is fuel for us to explore new markets and make those we are presently in even better!

With the Vintage Tulsa Show coming up next weekend, I am reminded of some other people I know who have been a force of positivity in my life: our dealers! Here are some photos of a just a few that you will get to shop with this weekend at VTS.

John Knotts: John is one of those guys that people are just drawn to.  He knows how to strike up a conversation with just about anyone and generate a laugh to boot.  He sells all kinds of eclectic stuff, but his passion is for Native American artifacts and turquoise jewelry.  If you’ve admired any of the pieces you’ve seen me wearing, there’s at least a 50% chance that I bought them from John!  Stop by and meet him this weekend at the Vintage Tulsa Show in booth #232.

Dennis Call & Mylissa Call: Dennis and his wife Mylissa are frequent dealers at our shows and they are always a hit with the crowd.

A friend of mine calls them, “The Littles,” because they have tens of thousands of tiny found objects for sale.  They are very popular with crafters and those who are into repurposing, as they have bin after bin that you can hunt and pick through.  Scrabble tiles, coins, keys, jewelry, game pieces, typewriter keys, toy parts, locks, dice, cameos, the list really could go on and on!  They are also the dealers who bring the very popular letters that you see here in this picture of Dennis and me at a recent show.  Shop with then at VTS in booths 172, 186 & 187.

Carl & Jeanne Lawrence: Carl & Jeanne run, “Hit it Lucky” Antiques, and will be joining the Vintage Tulsa Show from the Kansas City area; this will be their first time participating in the event. They are just one out of 44 new dealers participating in the show this year (all together, we have 130).  Carl and Jeannie have been at a few of our other shows closer to home; I can testify they have a stunning display, filled with lovely pieces of Royal Bayreuth, Flow Blue, Majolica and more.  They truly have an eye for beautiful and interesting pieces.  In fact, this mesmerizing paperweight photo was taken in their booth at a recent show.  They will be in VTS booths 73 & 73A.

The Vintage Tulsa Show is February 14th through the 16th at Expo Square Exchange Center, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Admission price $6.
Hours are 11a-6p Friday, 9a-5p Saturday & 11a-5p Sunday.
Early bird shopping is from 9a-11a on Friday and costs $10, including your pass for the weekend.

Visit us on Sunday and meet Walt Cade,
from Storage Wars: Texas on A&E!


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